Topple was created on a simple premise, to give medical providers better access to necessary testing for "dizzy" patients. 

While Topple didn't invent vestibular testing, what we did create was a simple solution. A mobile testing platform making diagnostics readily available for healthcare providers.  With our initial idea based on measuring patients' fall risk, Topple quickly evolved.  Our testing platform expanded to incorporate patients with peripheral and central nervous system disorders; including dizziness, vertigo, and concussions. So what began as an attempt to combat falls in elderly patients, quickly morphed in to what we are today, a leader in mobile vestibular diagnostics.  We have solidified our role in the world of "dizziness" by working with great providers of care and working with patients who are truly in need of care.  And from here, we expand...


Howard Herman, M.D.

Medical Director

Jiovanne Hughart Au.D, MBA, FAAA

Lead Audiologist

Robert Allen, Au.D

Lead Audiologist

Brent Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Oliveras

Managing Partner


Topple Diagnostics holds itself to the highest levels of excellence as the industry leader for diagnostic vestibular services.  Our commitment to our customers is to continually provide cutting edge technology coupled with quality diagnostics and interpretations. Correctly interpreting results and making medically appropriate recommendations are the most vital part to a successful program. These are just a few of the reasons Topple brought together the industry leaders in vestibular excellence to create our clinical team.  With 35+ years of experience in vestibular diagnostics, management, therapy and treatment, in greater Atlanta, our customers have complete confidence that their patients are getting diagnosed at the highest quality levels. 

CALL: 1.866.241.4456

EMAIL: support@toppledx.com

10800 Alpharetta Highway, #208-541
Roswell, GA 30076


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