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Personal Injury

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Dizziness Associated With Concussions And Traumatic Brain Injuries

Topple Diagnostics is an innovative diagnostic services company offering comprehensive vestibular testing for personal injury patients. Topple's platform for dizziness and imbalance was established to provide the most accurate diagnostic information available for testing and managing patients reporting dizziness and/or imbalance. Our program evaluates the auditory and vestibular systems, as well as associated central nervous system and balance
components to provide a comprehensive understanding of the status of the dizzy/imbalanced
patient. Our testing assists in confirming central and/or peripheral involvement that can be due
to head injury, TBI, concussion or cervical trauma.


Sample of our Test Battery

Ocular Motility Test (VNG)

Part of videonystagmography, saccades, smooth pursuit, and optokinetic tracking are tests assessing eye movement and ability to stay on a target. Gaze Test (vision denied) assesses eye movement in four directions (center, left, right, up) while patient is in total darkness.

Ear Exam

Ocular Motility Test (VNG)

Eye movement elicited by the tracking of a
moving field.


For  An Example  Neurology Report

 Topple has been performing vestibular testing at Northwest Neurology for the last two years. They provide a unique service to our patients which allows our doctors to better pinpoint the etiology of the patients complaint of dizziness, unsteadiness, imbalance, and lightheadedness.  The personnel are always professional, courteous, friendly, and efficient. I am planning to continue use their services for many years in the future.

Robert Bashuk

MD - Neurologist


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Personal Injury F.A.Q.

Usual questions from our patients

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