Providing ENT Physicians With Diagnostic & Tertiary Care Support 

ENT Practices must effectively and efficiently deploy high value resources (RN’s, Audiologists, Medical Assistants) to provide proper diagnostics and care… while balancing heavy patient loads. Many ENT’s either refer patients out for testing or they may limit the number of vestibular diagnostics performed in their offices. This results in delayed patient scheduling, diagnosis, and treatment. Topple increases the practice “capacity” to diagnose and treat more patients, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and practice revenue. 

TDx Vestibular Result - Personal Injury

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Dizziness is a difficult problem for ENT doctors to treat. Often times the problem is simple, but more times than not the diagnosis and treatment requires balance testing. Topple testing allows me to quickly diagnose and treat a patients source of dizziness so I can help get them on the road to cure.

- Sanjay Athavale, MD - ENT

Dawsonville, GA 


What is my initial investment for the program?

There is no upfront investment required from you. You medically supervise the testing program and make all the medical decisions for your patients. You provide space and accommodations for our Topple technician and our equipment. Topple Diagnostics will provide the rest. 

How many days is Topple in our office? 

Topple Diagnostics will set up a scheduled day(s) for our program in your office. The frequency of those day(s) will depend on a customers demand and need for their patients. Whether the frequency is one day per week, every other week, or multiple times per week will depend on Topple’s availability and the customers preference. We do our best to always accommodate the needs of our customers.  Don’t believe us? Try our Demo Day!!

What is required of my staff?

Very little is required of your staff. Cooperation with patient identification and scheduling is all that is asked from you and your staff. Topple provides an insurance verification department that will verify your patients’ insurance coverage and financial responsibilities. We provide that information back to the office via our web-based portal. We also contact the patient and confirm their appointment, we make him/her aware of their financial responsibility, and we go over important information in preparation for the testing.  All handled by us.

What is a Topple "Demo Day"?

Simply put, our Demo Day is for customers eager to “kick the tires” of our dizziness and imbalance service offering without commitment to a service agreement. This allows potential customers the ability to see how our program operates in conjunction with the scope of practice. A Demo Day is for one scheduled day only and consists of 3-5 patients who will be tested utilizing our complete diagnostic platform. Try us out and we guarantee you will be pleased with our level of service and the

clinical excellence we provide.

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